Paroisse Notre-Dame Auxiliatrice

Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Catholic church receives neither subsidy nor aid from the state; She lives thanks:

A) The Denier of the Church

Voluntary contribution is the annual donation made by the Catholics to help finance the life of the diocese. Each year, the dioceses make a call to collect the "Denier de l'Église" (formerly known as the "Denier du Culte"). The sums collected are used mainly for the treatment of priests, and for the lay animators in pastoral care.
B) The Quests

At each office, and especially Sunday masses, the quest collects the offering of the participants. This quest is usually assigned to the resources of the parish. In a spirit of solidarity and sharing, a number of quests are assigned within the year to specific causes (missions, vocations ...)
C) Mass offerings

By making an offering, on the occasion of a Mass for such and such an intention, the plaintiff participates in the life of the priests. To guide your choice, the bishops of France propose, as a guideline, that the offering paid be at least € 12.
D) On the occasion of the ceremonies: the "casual"